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How should we choose the sanitary ware ?
Date: Jul-10,2023 Clicks: 123

1. Check the spray effect of the shower 

From the outside, the shape of the shower head looks similar, so you must look at its spray effect when choosing. A good shower head can ensure that each small nozzle hole sprays evenly and consistently, and can ensure a smooth shower effect under different water pressures. Test the water to see if the water jet is even.

2. Check the spray mode of the shower

The internal design of the shower is also different. When choosing a hand shower, in addition to the spray effect, the spray mode of the hand shower can also be divided into lasing and massage. Generally, the spray mode can bring more ideal results. Shower pleasure. The hand shower can choose the appropriate spraying mode according to the mood: natural and comfortable rain shower, energetic massage, comfortable and warm spray, smooth and soft water column, water-saving dripping. According to the mood, "bath" as you like.

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